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Re: Muzzeloader Questions(Colorado)

Your are right ecubackpacker, for some reason I am still thinking 2009.

And for Elk Hunter Newbie, if you do not draw your first choice or put in for a preference point for first choice and do not draw your second choice and want to get a preference point then the charge is the $25.00 for the point. But to apply you need to send in the fee for a bull tag + application fees. You might understand it better if you read about it on page 3 of the guide book.

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Re: Muzzeloader Questions(Colorado)

Thanks guys for the all help! Its all making sense now. I have never had to draw for tags before, being an eastern whitetail hunter, and it can be a little confusing the first time.

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Re: Muzzeloader Questions(Colorado)

It's very confusing if you haven't been exposed to this kind of system. All I've ever had to do was buy a license and go hunting. Now days, I have to get my license and check the hunting club to make sure we still have enough land leased to hunt on banghead

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