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I would have to go with open sights for small game. But for big game and from long distance I would have to choose a scope

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Chris M,

Some people prefer the scope with low power for a few different reasons.

1. Preference for cross hair sights.
2. Light gathering ability in low-light conditions
3. Crisp image of a scope.

My preference is a scope for long range, but open sights for close range.

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Low power allows you to pick up your target faster. Better for close range. Also allows you to shoot with both eyes open. Faster target acquisition. Red dot type "scopes" are great if you don't need magnification. Think

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I used to think scopes were overrated, but then my brother in law and I got into a group of mulies as the light was failing -- he had a scope on his rifle and I didn't. He got his deer, but I couldn't see the front blade reliably enough to take the shot. I've been a scope hunter ever since.

Of course, after a few years of that mentality I hunted whitetails in the woods of Alabama. My son and I jumped three whitetail that exploded out of the brush to our right and bounded off to our left just a few yards away. I snapped my rifle up, but all I saw was tree branches.

There's no solution that works every time. Sometimes you need both.

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