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Music- What's Your Taste??

I am new here, but I feel the need to chime in. I am into the Texas Music genre... Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, Charlie Robison, Dixie Chicks, and add some Waylon and Merle. Then again I also listen to ZZ Top, Def Leopard, and Eric Clapton. Eclectic---yes!
It's all good! (except rap maybe)

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Music- What's Your Taste??

I like both kinds of music...country and western - lol. The twangy'ier the better: Waylon, Willie, Merle, Johnny, Chris Ledoux, Ian Tyson.

And some choice classic rock, oldies and harder stuff (ie: AC/DC)

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Music- What's Your Taste??

My first choice would have to be country and then as a backup I will listen to jazz.

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Music- What's Your Taste??

ooh Waylon ROCKS dang he's one of my all time favorites!! humm what would be everyone's all time favorite song???

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