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Multiple tags

I'm looking for information on how I can try and get multiple deer tags and antlerless tags for hunting in a couple different WMU's. Here is the situation, I'd like to hunt first week in nov. in 82A and have the antlerless option and also the 3rd week in 43B and have the antlerless option, and have the option to harvest one deer in each hunt. I believe I'm eligable for a farmers tag in 82A, what is the restrictions on that, can I get that in addition to a regular one and is it antlerless?
Any numbers I can call at the MNR to help answer this would be appreciated, also if anyone has personal experience with any of this that would be great.


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Multiple tags

Your Regular Ontario Deer tag is good for one deer, either sex, anywhere there is an open antlerless deer season. Any additional tags purchased: Farmer's, Antlerless etc are valid only under the conditions and zones it(they) is(are) issued for: (ie: Antlerless deer, Zone 64B - for example).

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Multiple tags

Actually an Ontario licence is good for one ANTLERED deer anywhere in the province. That tag can be upgraded to an "either sex" tag in a specific zone if you enter the draw for an antlerless tag and are successful.

In addition to this, there are some zones where you can purchase zone specific additional tags. The number of tags available and what animals can be taken with them (antlerless or any deer) is set by the MNR just before the hunting season. There is a provincial maximum of 7 deer tags in a year.

I'm unfamiliar with the current rules on farmers licences, but years ago I hunted with one fellow who's farm was in a different zone than where we hunted deer together. You'd best check with the MNR.

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Multiple tags

Your local MNR offiice is always helpfull with any questuons. Also now the service canada offices all around ontario have all the info needed on any hunts just contact them.

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