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Multiple Seasons

As the archery season drew to a close, I started getting ready for the modern rifle hunt.  I knew that if I was unsuccessful with my 264 Winchester magnum, I could take out my 50 caliber CVA and have an extra week or so of season.

That was a long time ago.  If we failed to get an animal during one season, we could move into the next one, provided we bought the extra permit.  But those times have changed here in Washington.  We, like a lot of other states, have become a "choose your weapon" state.  When you buy your license and tags, you much choose your method of hunting and that is the only way you will hunt.  You can not even apply for a special drawing unless it's within your chosen weapon.  No longer do we have the luxury of hunting with various weapons in various seasons.

I wonder how other states handle this?  Can you still hunt multiple seasons with different weapons?

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Oregon's the same way, you

Oregon's the same way, you have to choose between archery, rifle or muzzleloader, the only hunt you can use any weapon is the 600 series doe permits. I wish we could go from season to season. that would be very nice, i could hunt from late august to december granted i didnt harvest something already.

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I'm not sure exacteley what

I'm not sure exacteley what you mean. If you choose one weapon you can't hunt any other season or game animal with a different weapon or just that one animal?

Here in Colorado you just have to choose for the season or animal in question. For example I could hunt say bear in archery, deer in muzzle loader, and elk with a rifle. Or to confuse it a little more I could hunt elk in archery for either sex but still buy a rifle cow tag in one of the other seasons. Same thing with deer as long as the second tag is antlerless.

The only thing we can't do is like some of the eastern states where you can hunt all the different weapon seasons and kill a buck in each one. This is the reason Ihave not archery hunted for so long as with limited time to go I like to use my rifle to up the odds.

It's amazing how different all the states can be.

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Well in Oregon, We dont have different seasons like you guys, Archery runs from the end Of Aug till end of Sept. the a week later the OTC and controlled deer hunts start(rifle). some hunts have later dates but for the most part they all start the first weekend of OCT. OTC in western OR run untill mid NOV. but the Draw tags only go for 2 weeks in eastern OR. The Elk seasons start in mid to late OCT and bleeds into NOV, some tags are in DEC. Muzzle loader seasons also start in NOV. Then back to Late season Archery from the week of thankgiving till mid DEC. But you have to choose what weapon, you can only have an archery tag or a rifle tag or muzzle tag, cant have mulitple tags. I probaly just confused you even more.

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At one time in Utah you could

At one time in Utah you could hunt all three seasons.  Archery, rifle, and then muzzleloader as long as you bought the tags but you could only harvest one deer per year.  I remember when they first started the muzzleloader hunt and you could hunt with either a muzzleloader or a pistol and they called it muzzleloader pistol season.  But as more hunters want to hunt and there are fewer tags to go around that practice is long gone, you have to pick your season.

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Nevada is Also "choose a Weapon"

Not having the luxury of large populations of big game providing for multiple tags for one species  you have to choose a weapon - archery, muzzleloader or centerfire.  The only way you can hunt for more than one of a species is if you get both a buck (or bull) tag & a doe (or cow) tag.  You can however mix up the type of weapon in the choices for a species.  We get five choices for a tag per species and we can vary the type of weapon within those choices.  Last year I got my first choice of a muzzleloader deer tag but my second & third choices were for centerfire tags for the same area; one early season the other late season.  My last two choices were for different management areas, one muzzleloader, the other centerfire.  Even with multiple bonus points, you're not garaunteed your first choice.

The exception for mutiple season tags if our junior deer tags.  These are limited to kids under age 16 and the hunter can hunt any or all seasons as long as they use the legal weapon for that season.  These are either sex tags so kids can shoot either a buck or a doe.  It's a great program. 

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In New York it just deer and bear

In New York it just deer and bear and bear are pretty rare to harvest so our big game season is basically 'deer season'.

You can hunt multiple seasons for white tail with multiple weapons.  In the regular (modern firearms) season you get one buck tag and can buy an application for a lottery for a deer management permit (doe tag).  If you want to you can use the bow or muzzle loading rifle in the regular season instead of a modern firearm too.        

In addition to that you can buy a permit for an archery deer (any deer) in the archery seasons (typically the week prior to the regular season).       

You can also buy a muzzleloading hunting permit that lets you hunt the muzzle loading season for a deer of either sex (typically the week after the regular season).  

So if you want to use bow, rifle, and muzzleloader you can get three over the counter deer tags and as well as applying for an antlerless deer management permit. 

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I just heard on the radio

I just heard on the radio this morning that the bear kill was good this year in NY but the Adirondacks was down 35% but they said it was still a high kill rate for up here.

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