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Mulie hunting Nebraska DIY

Im new to the site have read alot of great info on it but have never posted. I want to do a mule deer hunt in Nebraska this year with my bow. I was wondering about mule deer populations in the Ogalala grasslands. I know people are hard prest to give up their secreat spots, but if Ogalala isn't the right place can you point me in the right direction.

Thanks for any help


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I have never hunted that area

I have never hunted that area but I can tell you that is near if not part of the Mule deer conservation area and the Mule deer have been on a decline for a while in that area. I like to hunt in the north west part of the state near Chadron where there is lots of public land.

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Not a lot of deer there

You can get into deer there, make sure you have a good map, that land iS not contiguous.  Prob get into more mule deer around the edges of some of the burned canyons though

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