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muley second season success!

well Chris and I where back at it this weekend this time with each of us holding a tag, I had a cow tag and he with a buck. We arrived at the hunting area the afternoon before the opener and did the same as with the bull hunt drove to the plan A spot and to my suprise a lot of people must of been thinking like me because the area had way more vehicles than I like so we didnt even bother with it. I had another little area that was a back up but a little bit further than I wanted to go that afternoon so we broke out the maps again and tried to find some more area that might not have as many people. We found an area and checked it out that evening it seemed pretty good no one up there and tons of deer sign, so this was going to be it in the morning! Season opener got to the area just before son up as we where walking the trail to where we wanted to sit and glass we jumped a few deer it was just a little to dark for shooting and all I could make out was them going away from us which was probably only about 30yds! We stopped and talked about what to do because we knew they didnt go far at all, the plan was continue on with the original plan! so we got on the ridge across from those deer and sat for maybe ten minutes when a very nice buck steps out of the trees. I glassed him and I could see he was at least a 4x4 he might of had some trash up top but couldnt make it out with the shadows and sun. Either way I told chris he should probably take him so he shoots and it looked like he missed the buck came towards us stood behind a tree and didnt come out for a minute so I thought he well maybe he was hit? well he finally stepped out and he was moving very cautious but I could tell he wasnt hit so chris fires another round and it was a miss again I couldnt believe it this buck it probably at 130yds now and trotting away he shoots again and nothing! so we sat there kinda collecting our thoughts we we hear the buck behind us in the trees catching his breath but we couldnt see him, so after a little while we got up and went up the ridge to where we heard him all the while looking for blood just in case never finding any up there but did find his tracks. we went down to where he had shot at the buck to check for blood I did a very thorough job looking and nothing he just plain missed! day two we went and did the exact same thing in hopes they would return and nothing showed that morning so we decided to drive out and go further north while on the way out I spot a buck just off the road at maybe 20yds I stop pull over chris got out and in position and made the shot he went maybe another 20yds and dropped I couldnt believe it! I know it wasnt the most glamorous of a way to get one but it worked out I guess chris had luck with him this season!

005.JPG2.49 MB
005.JPG2.49 MB
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Your little bro is cleaning house this year! Tell him congrats on his success for me. Im leaving this coming Friday for Eastern plains deer and elk. Really focusing on my buck tag as I feel this will be the hardest one to fill of my draw tags. Your bro's success got me fired up. Good luck on your cow tag if your still getting out for it which im sure you are! :thumbsup1:k

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Very nice!!!! Great looking

Very nice!!!! Great looking buck!

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Great job getting it

Great job getting it done...again!  Glad you're having a great season.

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