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Mule vs Mountain Lion

This thread was getting way off topic. It has been split off into a new thread under the "Rocky Mountains" forum.

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mountain lion vs mule

Just to update everyone about the mountain lion vs mule from the owners.
We have been talking to a few people that are in the process up putting retractions on the previous stories.

Two of the magazines you can look for that will have a small story about the real owner and the mule (and Lion) will be in the May edition of Western Mule magazine and Full Cry magazine.

Finally I can tell you. Yes the mountain lion was dead. Like most all should be.
The mule just hates them dead or alive.

The mule is very aggressive about it, but no he doesn't hunt them down himself and grab them. He will try and get to one if it has already been tree'd.

The pictures are a couple of years old and from south west New Mexico.

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Mule vs Mountain Lion

Thanks, Cuchillo. Good to know the real deal.

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Mule vs Mountain Lion

thanks. good to know things are getting cleared up for you.


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Mule vs Mountain Lion

Thanx for the info I would like to extend an open invitation to you,your dogs and especially your mule to come up and run lions on our ranch north of Helena, Montana that borders a huge wilderness study area that is full of cats.The hound season is over here and wont be open again until next winter but maybe you could hunt the early season with the mule!!Let me know if you are interested in hunting here,there is one big tom up there with a track much bigger than the one we took 3 years ago that weighed 190,I call him the deerslayer and he is a wiley bastard.We need to get him before he dies of old age!! eye roll

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Mule vs Mountain Lion

I just checked out the picture, and in one photo the Mule was swinging the cat around, but the cat had it's neck arched-looked a long way from an already-dead-cat to me zeN