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If you want to get into 30" mule deer, I would say your best bet right now is Colorado. I have seen many, many photos of very big mulies out of CO the last couple years, their mulie herds are STRONG right now. 20 inch mule deer really are a dime a dozen in Montana, and VERY western ND & SD. I pass many up each year, just cause I have been there done it, and would rather save them for next year than shoot another. For my money, if I was going to spend it, I would hunt Colorado. I dont want to spend it, so I keep searching Montana, and I will hook up eventually. Good luck to you, and let us know when you make your plans.

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If you are not adverse to travelling the Peace Region in northern Alberta has some big deer as well.

If you are looking for a do it yourself unguided hunt then you best be staying south of the 49th. Utah, Colorado and Idaho are where I would look. If you would be happy with a representative nice 4x4 then Wyoming and Montana have lots of deer, but as Big Callin said you will look long and hard to find a BIG one.