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Mule Deer vs White Tails

In Wyoming in particular, what is the ratio of white tails vs mulies? Does it matter much by region?

Going out this fall for a hunt(hopefully) and I was curious.  Thanks!

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East of I-25 Whitetails more

East of I-25 Whitetails more than likely number close to mulies. Whitetails will be thick along the river bottoms. Mulies like the sage flats and mountains more. West of I-25 would be better mulie habitat. Whitetails are really spreading out and slowly taking over.

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Whitetail populations are

Whitetail populations are really growing now west of the Bighorn Mountains all through the Bighorn Basin and mostly in the lower river valleys and drainages like Hiker mentioned.  If you will look in the Wyoming G&F online hunting booklet for 2011 you can see where there are extra whitetail tags and that will give you a pretty decent idea where the bigger numbers are.

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The mule deer population of

The mule deer population of Wyoming is estimated to be between 450,000 and 500,000, which is down from the 600,000 that was maintained for many years.

Finding numbers for the whitetail population is much more difficult. By adding the estimated populations of several areas where they are found, I came up with approximately 65,000. The largest population is found in the Casper region and the next highest in the Sheridan Region.

Here's a map that may be helpful in your planning:

http://www.biggamehunt.net/sites/default/files/wyoming regions.jpg" alt="" />

 Happy Hunting and Good Luck!  Thumbs up

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You didn't say what your

You didn't say what your primary focus is for species. Which one is it you are actually wanting to go after? Are you trying to stay away from the whitetail or pursue them?

I would have assumed that since you are from Ohio that it's the mule deer you are after.

Let us know.

Okay since I just noticed you posted this in the mule deer forum I guess I answered my own question.

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you will find whitetails in

you will find whitetails in the brush along river bottoms. luckily, you will avoid most whitetail if you hunt public land since BLM manages almost entirely dry land.

maybe you're not trying to avoid them like i do, but they're both out there.

if you find rocky wash-outs and sage flats, you'll find mulies in it (depending on how dry the year has been)

now, if you have some private river bottom land to hunt, you'll find mulies within a short distance from there too, but you might have to travel a little bit.

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depends on the area

In the Northeast Region, Region A, they outnumber mule deer 2:1.  Most of the other areas mulies outnumber whitetails 5:1 to 10:1, but of course that's averaged over the whole area. Whitetails tend to outnumber mule deer along the river bottoms, but in some places it's about even.

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I appreciate everyone's feedback. I am loooking into the area 1 hour northeast of Douglas, Wy.

According to the Landowner, sees a lot of mulies which is uncommon in this area from what I've read and heard. Just so happens the environment is condusive....


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