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Mule Deer Still hard horned

Boy, I thought for sure the deer had lost their antlers by now and was suprised to see a 3x3 Muley today sporting his hard horned rack still. 

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I would say that 99.99% of

I would say that 99.99% of the bucks out there have no antlers right now or are just starting their new ones.  I have heard that if a buck is casterated or looses it ability to produce testrone that strange things will happen with their antlers.  One of them is that they will grow continuously, slow but continuious.  This is also the reson that I heard that you can find bucks in full velvet at wierd times of the year. 

I don't know how true what I heard is but it might be a reason.

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Deer will or should lose their Antlers, because of the drop in testoterone that occurrs naturally after the post rut. Once this T-Level hits a certain point , they start to drop them. With castration, which can happen in different forms, should of caused a rapid loss in T. Therefore should of dropped them. If an injury occurrs during the vevet stage, weird things will happen to the antlers. EHD in mule deer tends to not kill the Mule deer, but does effect the testicles and cactus or bucks in velvet occurr. Maybe he was just late in dropping his testosterone, therefore retaining his rack until May. I will keep an eye out for him later in the year, before season starts and see if he his rack is the same or changed.

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I've seen them holding late here in SE Ohio in the past. Early April was longest I'd seen. Interesting...

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