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Mule Deer Scouting Trip Nightmare

I have been spending most of my spare time this summer scouting my mtn goat unit and thus my pronghorn and mulie tags got put on the back burner... the problem is the pronghorn and deer hunts cost me a combined 12 preference points!

So I finally got out last weekend to scout for deer and it went downhill quick. My ATV trailor's axel broke as soon as I got out into the middle of no where! Needless to say I wasn't able to get nearly as much as I wanted to done and I didn't even see any shooter bucks... but that doesn't surprise me, I never really see many big bucks there during the summer.

I did however see some whopper bulls! Check out the browtines!

Hopefully I'll be able to get back out there before the season starts. I've got my goat unit pretty much figured out so I think I'll be able to swing it. It's off to look for speed goats this upcoming weekend... without a trailor!

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That Sucks !!!!


I hate it when you get out in the middle of nowhere and things go bad. Especially when your excited to be in a special place. I hope you got everything home ok !

That is a nice bull you spotted there and good luck with the rest of your scouting trips. Stop by if you have time.


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What?  No picture of the

What?  No picture of the broken axle?  I know how you feel about breaking down in the middle of nowhere.  I have pulled my fair share and more of broken down vehicles and trailers off of hills in all the years that I have been hunting to fill a junk yard.  We have even had to go to town and buy parts or find something that would work just to get trailers off of the hill.  The funny thing is that it always seams to be one of my nephews and one of his buddies.  so far between the two of them I have towed home a blown up truck, and a damaged camp trailer, also we had to repair a trailer that lost it's springs that one of them had.  We ended up rolling it over onto its bed to where we could work on it to get it home.  The year that they blew up the truck they ended up riding around in another truck that the starter had gone out in.  Instead of replacing it they would just park on a hill to roll start it.  I asked them one time what they would of done if it hadn't of stated and they said that they were not worried because they had a 3 wheeler in the back to ride down to town.  So don't feel too alone. 

Now on to that bull.  He does indeed look like a shooter.  Good luck on the rest of your trips.

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Sorry to hear about the

Sorry to hear about the trailer!  That is a good way to ruin your day.  

I take it that you are familiar with your deer hunting area?  That sounds like the type of unit where you stand a really good chance of taking a really nice deer.  More scouting is always better, but I think you will have a success story to share with us after the season even if you don't make it out again.  

That is a nice looking bull!  I would love to come across one like that this season.  

Good luck scouting your pronghorn unit this weekend.  Hopefully you don't have any more technical difficulties.  Is your brother going with, and are you going to try to check out some of his unit also?


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Unfortunate about the

Unfortunate about the trailer, but hey, you saw one heck of a bull!!! 

With the amount of time you put in, I have no doubt that it will all come together!!

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Quinton: If I'm able to get

Quinton: If I'm able to get out there again with enough time, I'd love to swing by. If it wasn't for that darn female out that way last summer I would have made it with my brother and dad.

Mitch: By coincidence we are both going to be out there scouting our respective units but I don't think we are going to be together. Too much darn ground to cover! Thanks for the good wishes.

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That's a bummer on the broken trailer axle!

hawkey270 - That's a bummer on the broken trailer axle, but scouting success is a bonus. Making lemonade from lemons is always a good plan. You can count your blessings that the break down didn’t lead to some sort of bodily harm. Just be glad that it was only the trailer on not the four wheeler itself or worse your truck that had the break down. Those could have both been really unpleasant in the back country. Not only from stranding you and the chance of hunger and thirst but the chance of being thrown off and ending up with road rash or broken limbs when you lose a major function in your All Terrain Vehicle. 

Good luck and keep us posted. I am glad to hear that it all worked out well for you on this trip anyway. You got a really neat photograph to boot!

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Test, test, and double check

Wow that is a big bull!   I think we have all been there at one time or another with your axle.  I am a freak according to my girlfriend before the season with the way I test my gear.  (I know unexpected things like an axel can and will happen) I break out all my gear and build my camp from scratch in the backyard to list anything that needs attention.  I always find something such as batteries to replace, water filter to replace or lube water pump, or something to waterproof.  The extra time always pays off when you get to the feild.  

Good luck on the Goat hunt!  What an opportunity!