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Mule Deer in NM, Unit 2B

I have drawn a tag in Unit 2B in NM, I have been rifle hunting in Texas all my life, but only been bow hunting for 3 years and bow hunting is alot more fun. I have never been in this unit before, does anyone know where would be the best place in the unit to hunt? I do realize some my not want to give up there honey hole.

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Mule Deer in NM, Unit 2B

Be sure you have 4WD, mud tires, chains, and shovels. A wench might be good. If it is wet up there, be prepared for mud up to your ankles. It depends on how much snow has fallen in Colorado before your hunt.

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Unit 2B Bowhunting

You may already be there or have gone, but I will be in the unit from September 17-22. The other advice posted concerns late season hunting. There will be no snow in the unit in September, though it can get wet. Go to Google Earth and Terra Server. Look at the topo maps and the aerials. No doubt the Forest Service sent you a map identifying all the locked gates. Some of the best early bow season hunting is in the NW, but access by road is blocked. There are numerous tanks and springs in the unit, but no permanently running streams. Check the water sources for tracks, especially if it is hot and dry. My camp will be north of Mesenta Tank. I'm from Austin and have been bowhunting whitetails, mule deer, and elk with a bow for 45 years.
Feel free to contact me before or after your hunt. jsayles7@yahoo.com

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New Mexico Unit 2B

There's a few place you may want to hunt while in 2B, I've always had luck in the Carracas Mesa area which is in the north central area of the unit. The muleys there seem to usually be 200 class and pretty typical. Another promising area in the unit is the portion south of highway 64 near a place called Gas Buggy, this is also good for some hawgs with horns just be leery of the tribal folks from the jicarilla apaches rezz. they seem to think every up there belongs to them even though unit 2B is on state and blm public lands. all in all the unit is one of the best in NM, just pick a spot take a seat and let the oil field workers drive thru on the dirt rouads and push them for you.
Good luck buddy!!!!!!!!!!

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I live just north of 2B in Colorado, and I have seen some AWESOME bucks come out of that unit.
I'm starting to put in for the unity myself as an out of stater.
good luck!

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Thats an awesome unit.. Just got back from nov 7-11 hunt. Carracus mesa was a nice hot spot,but monsters were taken all over the unti. Someone got an awesome one at Sims mesa. I myself took a nice 3X4 and my cous got a young 5X6

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