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Mule Deer Hunting Nevada

I just moved to henderson from utah. I would like to go deer hunting next year, but I have no idea where to go here or where public property is availabe to hunt on. I know I have to draw out for a tag and area but i need to know which area i should put in for that is some what close to home (within 2 hours) and that is somewhat productive hunting. any advice is great.

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Mule Deer Hunting Nevada

There's good news and bad news. The good news is that most areas in NV where you can find decent numbers of deer and available tags, there is also lots of public land. Just get a BLM map for the area you draw and it'll show private land in white. More than 80% of all land in NV is public land and most is administered by the BLM. The bad news since you live near me is that to have a good chance of either drawing a tag and then actually having a chance to fill the tag, there isn't much available near the Vegas/Henderson area even within a 2 hour drive.

There are some deer and elk around the Mt. Charleston area, just east and northeast of Las Vegas, but there are a limited number of tags available there and not that many deer or elk. The first NV tag I drew after moving here was for this area and the only deer I saw during the entire season was in the back of somebody else's pickup, and it was just a small fork horn. I have seen both deer and elk up there but the tag opportunity and numbers of game is quite low and pretty difficult to hunt.

I usually hunt deer in the Ruby Mts. near Elko (about a 6.5 hour drive) and elk near Pioche (about a 3 hour drive) and have to camp due to the distance and remoteness. I draw a deer tag usually every 1 to 3 years and usually fill it (3x3 is the biggest I've taken so far although I've seen bigger). There are other areas to hunt deer and elk in NV but the driving distances are pretty long and some tags are hard to draw even for a NV resident.

I would suggest spending some time reading on the NDOW website, there is a lot of information available there. Also, once you draw a tag, contact the BLM office for that area and get the maps you'll need. Also, talk to the BLM employees there for information as to where you might concentrate on. I stopped recently at the BLM office in Caliente, NV and was shown a couple of pictures of 2 really nice bucks that were road kills near by. And don't forget to visit the NDOW offices near where you plan to hunt and speak with the game wardens and biologists for the area, they can be very helpful too.