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Mule Deer in CO

I am new to the Colorado area. I just moved to littleton Colorado and I am an avid hunter. I am curious where the best Mule Deer units would be in my area. Actually wondering where the best units to get drawn withought any bonus points would be. I believe mule deer is all by drawing? Are there any over the counter tags for Mule Deer? Any info on this subject would be great.

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Re: Mule Deer in CO

A Exbiologist stated on the other thread, most good unit are not close by. That is,units with decent public access! If you can attain some private access, there are always decent deer around. There in lies the dilemma for most if us, anywhere close by us primarliy private.

You are correct, all deer is by drawing only and NO over the counter tags at all. However, after the draw there are leftover licenses that become available on a first come first serve basis.

Again, here is the link to the DOW statistics section where most of us get our ideas from. I know I spent the last couple of months scouring over them time & time again! banghead For me though, the last thing I want is something close in where I live. I actually prefer the furthest reaches of the state for my hunts. Yes