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Mrs. Sage's buck.

This is my first time to try and post a pic on this or any other site, but here goes. My wife shot this guy at about 30 yards last Sunday. we had maybe 10 minutes of shooting light left and Mrs. Sage was getting an itchy trigger finger looking at a couple of does grazing about 150yds away. I saw a little movement in the tall grass nearby, raised my binocs and all I saw was antlers. I told my wife to get ready to shoot. He sneaked up out of a big willow bottom and was headed right for us. I thought he was going to see us and spook, but he ultimately turned broadside giving my wife a perfect shot with her .243. She was very excited. This is her biggest buck to date.

Anyway, hope the picture works. I tried to attach it because that's the only way I could figure to do it.[/img]

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Congrats to Mrs. Sage Big smile That's a GREAT buck Thumbs up

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Nice buck! Congrats to her!

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Thumbs up Now that is a buck to be proud of. Way to go Mrs. Sage!

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Great looking Buck Congrats to Mrs. Sage. He probably saved the life of 1 of them flat heads. Big smile Thumbs up

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Congratulations! Nice buck.

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

very nice buck Thumbs up

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Nice buck mrs. Sage.

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

WOO HOO Big smile Big smile

Great buck Mrs. Sage!!! Thumbs up

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Great buck !!! Congrats

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Mrs. Sage's buck.

Thumbs up Nice going.

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