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Moving to northern NM soon.

I've had it with the east coast. As they said, "Go West Young Man". Well, I'm not so young any more, but I'm moving to Chama, NM in the spring of 2012, or sooner.

I'm looking for information on the area. Any intelligent info on the following will be appreciated:

  • types of game I'm likely to encounter (including predators)
  • contacts for season info and legal issues
  • suggestions for weapon types, setups, & calibers (money is an issue). at present all I own for hunting is an unscoped .22 caliber revolver
  • info on what to expect regards weather and terrain

As stated, I have roughly a year to prepare and gear up for my move. I will be living "off-grid" and have only vague ideas of what to expect.

I'm not a trophy seeker. What I hunt I will use for sustenance and clothing. Waste not, want not. My goal is to go as prepared as is possible for the more likely needs I will realize. Your help will be invaluable. I always listen to experienced resources.

Thanks for your input. mmck@triad.rr.com please put "New2NewMexico" in the subject line. Cheers.

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NM life

Mick I moved to NM 3 years ago and love it.I had visited alot before for years. I looked around up in Chama area for property but wound up in SW Mtn area.  Chama is a great elk and deer area, trout fishing too. I'll PM you.

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Chama is a nice place to

Chama is a nice place to vist, but not sure i would live there year round.  It has some of the best elk hunting in the state, but the area is mostly privite land.  The Mule deer hunting is good.  Trout fishing is great and there is a lot of black bears.  The winters are cold and lots of snow. 

not sure if you plan on moving here to work or not, but if you are retired it could make a nice place to live. 

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....if you like cold and

....if you like cold and snow!!! Its nice,great fishing

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