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moving to Idaho

Hi, all -

I'm finally realizing my long-term dream of moving out of California...I'm headed to Idaho (Boise area). I know this will be a new kind of hunting for me -- most of what I've done in CA is hog in fairly heavy brush. I'm looking forward to diving into all that Idaho has to offer. Does anyone have any tips for getting off to a quick start, or do I need to just dig through all the state F&G information?

I won't be there until mid-December, so I imagine this season is shot (so to speak), and I'm just thinking down the road to next fall.

Any tips on finding a hunting partner who'll fit my profile (safety first, obey all regulations), good places for elk (without giving away any secrets of course) and/or recommendations for a taxidermist and meat processor in Boise?

Thanks...I'm really excited about this.

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Yes you will want to get some hunting regulations go to the F&G website and do some research. You can get statistics on big game numbers killed, tags drawn, and numbers of hunters putting in for those tags. Use this info to decide what unit to start hunting in. It also depends on if your rifle hunting or archery hunting. Many units are rifle draw only but have a general archery hunt. Idaho doesn't use the point system so everyone has an equal chance to draw on some of those limited hunts for the most part. You can find drawing odds on the website as well. I don't know the boise side of the state to well. I hear there is good elk hunting near Hell's Canyon but it's pretty rugged. The McCall area is beautiful. Central Idaho is good for everything minus the wolfs hurting the elk population. South boise is pretty deserty you might look into pronghorn. Can't help with hunting partners but the biggest thing would be to decide on where to go and get out there and learn the area. ATVs may come in handy.

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