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Moving to Denver Area Looking for hunting buddies.

I will be moving from Ohio to the Denver area in the next few months and I'm trying to make some hunting friends prior to getting there.  I mainly hunt deer here so I'm sure I'll be in for a eye opening experience.  Anyways I hope to meet some new and interesting people.  Thanks to anyone that responds.

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Welcome to Colorado

I know it's a bit premature, but welcome to Colorado.  If you're an avid hunter, this is a great state to call home.  A quick word of advice, learn the hunting regs early so you can get the most out of the state's draws.  It's not too complicated, but there is a lot of information available on the DOW website to digest and understand.  And, don't hesitate to ask questions on this forum.  Many of the participants have a lot of experience and will get you pointed in the right direction pretty quickly.

Check out the forums and site too.  I haven't been around here too long and keep finding more and more cool articles and posts almost every day.  It's a great site!


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Welcome to BGH!!! I'm no help

Welcome to BGH!!! I'm no help to the info your looking for, just wanted to say welcome. there are a ton of folks here from CO and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out. Once you move out to CO i'mm sure you"ll find some hunting buddies pretty fast. From what i've heard your gonna want to get away fro the denver area to hunt to avoid pressure and have a crack a some decent animals. Good luck with the move and stick around for a bit and sare some stories and pics.

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First of all, welcome to

First of all, welcome to BGH!  This is a great site, with lots and lots of information to be found and shared.  fortunately for you and your move to Denver, there are tons of Colorado hunters on here.  You say deer is what you mainly hunt, well, I can see antelope, elk, and numerous other critters  in your future!

Stick around, throw up some photos and share some stories from the nice whitetail you have in Ohio.  I spent 4 1/2 years in southeastern Ohio, and I know there is some great hunting there!

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Welcome to BGH and Colorado. 

Welcome to BGH and Colorado.  There are quite a few of us from Colorado on here.  Stick arounf get to know a few of us and who knows maybe we can all get togther for a hunt or a shoot sometime.  If you like waterfowl I may be able to get you out if wanna give it a try for goose hunting.

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Welcome to the forum, and

Welcome to the forum, and Colorado. I wouldn't live anywhere else. I like small towns though.


You won't have a problem finding hunting partners in the Denver area. Those are going to be crowded units to hunt. You might consider hunting away from the Denver area. You have lots of time to think about it. Go to gun shops and meet hunters, and ask about areas to hunt. I'm 100 miles away from Denver, and always stay in my area to hunt, so I can't help you too much. i can help with regulations and the draw etc. when the time comes.

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Indeed welcome to the site

Indeed welcome to the site and to Colorado. It is a whole new world of hunting here so check it out in full. If you have not, I suggest you get a copy of the 2011 regulations and start getting a good feel for the laws, point systems and draw system. That will give you a huge head start when you want to apply in April 2012. Also do not pass up the great fishing Colorado has if your into fishing. Welcome and enjoy and be sure to get out every chance you can.

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  Welcome to BGH and when you


Welcome to BGH and when you finally get here then welcome to Colorado!  You will love it here in Colorado!  I too am orignally from Ohio but have been here in Colorado for the past four years.  We will most likely stay for a very very long time.  The hunting opportunities are fantastic.  While Ohio was great for whitetails (and I copy Ca_Vermonster's post) you will have a great time learning and harvesting a lot of different opportunities here. 

You will also love it here at the BGH web site.  I only wish I had found it four years ago.  This ain't Ohio and I unfortunately learned the hard way before getting to this web site.  These guys here are an abundance of hunting knowledge.  You will definitely gain on the learning curve reading their info and tips plus the Western Hunter articles.  They are very valuable in you achieving success in the woods and in the fields.

I am from the Springs area about 60 miles south of Denver.  Maybe we can hook up and do some hunting together in the future.

Here is the link to the Colorado DOW... http://wildlife.state.co.us/HUNTING/Pages/Hunting.aspx 

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Welcome to the hight

Welcome to the hight rockies.  A couple of thing that you need to make sure that you have before you start putting in for the draws next spring.  The main thing is a hunters safety card.  If you do not have one and were born after 1949 you will need to get one.  There will be quite a few classes going on here in the fall of the year for younger hunters that need one for the hunts this fall if you need one.  Also if you pick up a 2011 big game guide book and read through it and have any question just ask them here and we'll get you going. 

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Another thing is, you want to

Another thing is, you want to be a resident when you apply for tags. Otherwise it will cost you 10 times as much. Depending on when you get here. You might not make the draw for next year. You'll still have the option of OTC and leftover tags if you don't make the draw.

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Welcome to CO!  You'll come

Welcome to CO!  You'll come to love it.  On top of what these guys said, a few things to make your transition easier:

1) Unfortunately I think you're going to miss the big game draw as a resident.  Last I knew parks and wildlife wants 6 months as a resident before you can get the resident prices.  They ask for a CO driver's license or vehicle registration as proof.

2) Denver is a city with alot of hunters, but isn't really hunting friendly in terms of convienance.  Getting your game processed costs way to much, get with the guys who are in the rural areas.  They do a good job at half the cost.  Finding a free place to privately shoot can be trying as well.  There is a Bass Pro at I-70 at Northfield, and a Sportsmans Warehouse at 84th and I-25.

I love CO, don't care for living in Denver.

I wish I could help with Deer specifically, but I'm a new Deer hunter.  All I know is tags are by draw only. There are leftovers available, but only for eastern plains units on private land (you can find whitetails and mulies out east).  We have BIG mule deer.

You can chase deer on the plains during their rut, but I'm not sure how the tags work or how many points it requires (if any).

The big game application deadline is in the beginning of April, with the (official) draw results posted in June.  Start building your points this year, it will cost you a pretty penny as a "non-resident", but you will get most of it back minus application fees.

I know of some over the counter elk areas we've had sucess at during the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons.  These are guaranteed tags.  You can pm me if you want more info.

If you're into small game, our pheasant population has picked up the last few years.

Turkey hunting has treated me well too, just tons of opportunities.


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