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Move afoot to delist eastern cougar???

With the USF&WS recent request asking for documented cougar, mountain lion, panther reports in the eastern U.S., a few facts need to be addressed.

1) Why has the USF&WS waited 28 years to conduct such a study when federal law requires such an event every 6 years???

2) Why are they persistant in claiming the sub-species is questionable due to findings thru DNA by a U.of Maryland technician that "all North American cougars are genetically alike. A species may be alike in blood lines, but NOT in physical features. (Example: in genetics a poodle & a St. Bernard are both classified as canine......but do they look alike)???

3) Wildlife officials & sceintitsts have become so desperate to declare the eastern puma extinct, they are now claiming every piece of "confirmed cougar evidence since the 1950s(dead cat, quality photos/videos, track casts & scat identification) plus all the 10,000 sightings by trained observers with law enforcement, wildlife management & scientific backgrounds are known by skeptical scientists to be nothing more than escapees of captive origin).

I would like to hear comments from any hunter or person who have seen one of these Ghost or King Cats in the forests of eastern North America???

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