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Mounting Your Own Turkey Tail and Beard (feature article)

May 2009 Feature Article:

Mounting Your Own Turkey Tail and Beard

As I pulled the trigger on a 25-pound gobbler strutting down the end of my gun barrel, I had visions of his stunning tail and ground-dragging beard adorning the wall of my den. I could already feel the memories of the hunt rushing through my mind each time I passed by the handsome display. I approached the downed bird and took care to preserve every feather as I carried him to the truck. When I arrived at the taxidermist, my thoughts of which wall I was going to hang the fan mount on were interrupted by the shocking $150 price tag. I never envisioned paying so much for something that looked so simple. Fact is, mounting a turkey tail and beard is simple. Don't get me wrong. A professional taxidermist will do an excellent job and produce a quality mount, but the average person can make their own tail and beard mount for a fraction of the cost and be very pleased with the results. Read more...

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Mounting Your Own Turkey Tail and Beard feature article

Great story Bill Thanks for sharing and love the photos of you and your son. Memories that will last forever.

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Re: Mounting Your Own Turkey Tail and Beard (feature article)

I did my own turkey tail. And 1 thing I did different was I mixed up Borax and water real strong and soaked my tail (the meat part) in that over night. Then I rubbbed in More Borax spread the tail and let dry. As it dried I kept adding Borax as it dried. It has been 10 years ago and still looks like new. Big smile

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Re: Mounting Your Own Turkey Tail and Beard (feature article)

Great article and pictures congradulations on the nice Bird. Applause
I have done some of my own also, thanks for the easy instructions and you did give me some other ways to do it.
My season starts April 19th tommorrow morning I already told the boss I had a appointment with a turkey doctor. Yes

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