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Mountian Lion season

Last season I was down south by the Arizona/Mexico boarder hunting cuse deer (how do you spell that?) and we ran into some guys that said they were down there looking for mountian lion. Well first of all whats it like down there for lion? And second is lion an over the counter tag or do you have to draw it here?

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Re: Mountian Lion season

It's spelled "coues" and pronounced "cows". Crafty little white-tail deer that can run like greyhounds. They are a much smaller sub-specie of the eastern variety.

Yes, it can be very good down south for hunting Mt. Lion, but chances are slim without the use of hounds. Yeah, there's always blind luck, and most deer hunters always carry a tag when hunting down south. Mt. Lion tags are available over-the-counter and cost $14.50 - but beware of the new season, as the bunny-huggers just got a 3-month ban on hunting them this year.


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