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mountain lions and wolfs in new york?

last time i cheked the Dec clames that there are no mountain lions in new york state and also that there are no wolfs in newyork state yet i recall 3 er 4 hunters that have clamed to have shot mountain lions but where to afraid to report it because they thought they would get in trouble. im a big snowmobiler so im allways online cheking the trail conditions and one of the guys that rides on the trails and reports them online said that while he was ridding he came around a corner and thought he saw deer but as got closer he maade out the shape of a mountain lion he couldent get is camra out fast enough to get a picture but he took a picture of the traks of the cat, he could fit is hull hand inside the track, and than i read another artical on a trapper who cought a 150 pound 'coyote' he took it in for a blood test to se if it was really a coyote and the dec never gave the resalts back, i think that both mountain lions and lone wolfs are expanding in new york and the dec have to stop ignoring it,

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old post but

This is an old post but, DEC's position is now that there are in fact mountain lions in NYS, but they assert that they are escaped pets and not a "breeding population"

I don't know about Wolves in NY, but I did see one just outside of Rutland VT and thats not far from the NY border.



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