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Mountain lion hunting in Texas

Does anyone have any advice for hunting big cats in the Heartland of Texas? I have a local rancher who has seen tracks and a "cub" {about knee high still spotty but about 2 1/2 foot tail) who wants it gone before it gets one of his high dollar foals. Any suggestions? I figure there is a mother around somewhere too.

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Mountain lion hunting in Texas

Watch the horse pens. We had one take out a colt in a pen up on my ranch outside of Amarillo. Tough to track an find. Might try and spot her at night to figure out where she ranges, and then track her the next day if you can. Good luck, I'm going to try and do the same when I get back up there in a couple months. My strategy; drive and drive until I find sign and hope to get lucky. I'm considering putting a calf, or sick steer in a pen as bait, but that's a little risky. Let us know how it turns out,

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Mountain lion hunting in Texas


that is exactly why we can thank the good lord and george washington , among others, for hounds!

get a buddy with some good cat dogs, or line up some permissions for surrounding lands to run on and we'll get some hounds on those tracks. Thumbs up

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Mountain lion hunting in Texas

i like that last pic who took it and what was the story. out here in california we dont have a lot of stuff like that. at least not in s cal. although i hope that when my kids goes off to college my wife and work so can afford to do that stuff wow robert