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Mountain Lion on Eastern Plains

During all this flooding going on I called a few of my friends to check on them. One of them told me as his friend was checking utility pipes attached to the bridges and witnessed a Lion hauling butt out of the river headed north near Wiggins. Said the Turkey acted as if nothing was wrong with the flood waters and the Deer were getting out of Dodge running to Corn fields up high. Turkeys just moved with the water and were just doing normal stuff out in the fields. This is the 3rd Lion I have heard out in this direction in 5 years. Food must be really good!!!

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I was just thinking about

I was just thinking about that the other day.  The number of animals that make the creek and river bottoms their home and then all of a sudden here comes the flood and Noah is nowhere to be found. 

It was funny the other night when a reporter was talking about the flood with a pile of debris in the background and a possum crawling around on it.  The strange thing is that he had no idea what it was.  I can just imagine the number of snakes and other varmits that got displaced by all that water.