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Mountain bike scouting trip

So went scouting for elk this last weekend. I decided to take my moutain bike to save some walking time. I had found this old logging road that was closed to motorized traffic but looked like it could handle a mountain bike. I'm not a big mountain biker but decided to try it. It was 3 miles back in on bike and and extra mile on foot to where I set up camp. Going up the mountain was tough. Had to walk the bike most the way up. The way down was intense. the 40lb backpack on my back didn't help but it was manageable. I got down the mountain in half the time. My bike rims were black by the time I got down and I had worn almost half my bikes brake pads off. It was a rush. Don't know if I'll do it that way again. If I had recked it would have been really bad. I'm thinking if I had disk brakes it might have been better. I saw 2 raghorn elk, 20 deer ( 1 decent buck) and 1 bear. Sorry no pictures. My camera was never at hand when I cam across stuff. I will have to look at other ares where I might be able to use a bike.

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Sounds like a successful trip

Sounds like a successful trip to me, saw game and did not get hurt is a win in my book. No way I would do the bike deal and 4 miles is a long pack out if you get an elk. Good luck and look forward to how the hunt goes. 38 days until ML season but who is counting!

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Not for me!

Glad you saw some stuff and your in one piece to hunt again some day!

I almost did bring my son's mountain bike for my elk hunt last year... almost.  I'm glad I didn't as most of the hunting was steep uphill most of the day and then walking down at the end of the day.  There is no $(%*^& way I would have been in one piece after the 1st day.  It is a good idea on level ground that is capable of travel on the bike but my area wasn't even close.  Either is this year's area so I have been hiking 4 to 9 miles two or three times a week to get in shape for what I will be encountering this year.

Good luck on your hunts!

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Your post reminded me of a

Your post reminded me of a previous post about a year or so ago regarding using mountain bikes for "easier" packouts of game from the bush. In fact, the 2 biggest negatives to this strategy, IMO, are waaay to much weight for the bikes brakes on steep downhills and the serious damage you will inflict on yourself (as well as your bike) if you do crash. The original poster has used his bike successfully to pack in and out of his hunting area for years, but I'm betting that he isn't hunting Colorado either. A gentle logging road is a much different scenario from a closed 4X4 road or forest trail. I've been an avid mountain biker for over 16 years and wouldn't consider using a bike to pack out meat unless the conditions and area were near perfect for such a trip.

Glad to hear you did OK with your bike. And even better to hear you found some animals. Hopefully they will be there when the time comes to harvest them! Good luck on your hunts.

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always an adventure

Sounds like an adventure, can't imagine trying to slow down a meat wagon on a mountain bike though.

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Ya. I do see the advantages of using a bike in the right area but I think I agree this area is going to be foot only.
Thanks for the comments. Just a few more weeks to go.

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good for you to try something

good for you to try something new.
The more you ride the easier it gets, mountain riding is seldom easy, but it does get easier.
If you can get hydraulic disk brakes, they do make you stop. The old style pads do need to be towed in at the front a little bit. Also try and get some of the weigh onto the bike, not all on your body.

I have been riding mountain bikes since about 1988 so, I definalty have a lot of expierence with them. Like anything you do, the more you do, the better you get.

Hike a bike happens, and to the gentleman referring to my other threads on this subject, you are correct, no biking in the mountains of Colorado, just the mountains of Idaho. It is mountain biking, not flat grass lands biking. Trying to be funny.

Also the fitter you are the better, if you are a couch potato you would not like the bike for access.

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LMAO...at myself! Some

LMAO...at myself! Some friends and I actually have done this. I am not a mountain biker or even just a biker..LOL. I borrowed my sons bike and we made small trailers that hooked up to the bikes under the seats in a goose neck style. We used them on a closed FS access road to get our camp gear in and hunted further in from there. We did do a lot of bike hiking on the way in...2 miles to the end...in a hail storm. But on occasion wanted to get back to the trucks for a couple things, so we sat someone in the trailer and biked down....wow wild ride!!!Came out alive though!

But on a positive note, one time back in California I borrowed my sons bike..LOL,there's a pattern here...and biked into an area that was a road closure during the rifle season. I took the biggest 4x4 blacktail buck of my life that day. I cleaned him up and roped him on the bike and bike hiked him right out of there. So it can be done. Something of interest, I ran into a fella doing the same thing on a bike. He was carrying two rifles,..one for a close range shot and one for long range shot!....I wonder if there is something too that? Think

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