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Moultrie Feeder i40 Digital Game Camera

I'm not sure where to post this but I wanted everyone to be aware of the problems I have encountered with Moultrie Feeder's Game Cameras. I bought two brand new cameras from Walmart last month. Almost immediately there was a problem with the flash on the cameras. I get a 20000 error with the game cameras.

I have tried on several occasions to contact Moultrie via email and the phone number listed on their website.

800-653-3334 - toll-free telephone number
205-664-6700 - telephone number

The company simply doesn't respond to my emails and the telephone answering machine tells you how busy they are as they keep you on hold for over 30 minutes (several times) without actually getting to a human being to speak with.

All I ask is for the company to stand behind their warranty and fix the units. No avail. I have contacted the BBB but so far they haven't responded to them either (over 14 days).

I just wanted to make everyone aware of my situation so you don't end up in the same situation. Beware of Moultrie Feeders products and customer service.

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Moultrie Feeder i40 Digital Game Camera

That's a shame...I have two Moultrie cameras and have had great luck with them. My only issue is that in some climates the dew accumulates on the lens in the wee hours of the morning and pictures get foggy. Hasn't been a big deal up here in Alaska, because where I hunt Spring bear in May and June it barely gets dark enough to trip the flash -- and dew isn't a problem. But October on the coast is a different story.

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moultree camera -140

this is my 3rd one ond it needs to be replaced,same problem,the display gets brpken upand all you see is lines.so beware,,i bought my first one with a life time warrenty but since there are so many problems with the screen display they have changed to a one year..try to call thier number and you will never get to talk to any one.i,ll never buy a moultrie product again..