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Most powerful rifle you have fired

In the sporting world a .458 Win Mag. Three rounds. Did not like it much.

Was at the range shooting my .220 Swift off a bench next to a guy sighting-in who apparantly had more money and a larger bore gun than he had knowledged of shooting. He saw at one target change that I was shooting what he though were some real tight accurate groups so he asked me if I would run a few rounds through his .458 so he could see what he was doing wrong while sighting-in. I put three shots down range and saw that it was sighted-in just fine but a bit high at 100 yrds. He said he wanted it to be zero/zero at 100. I adjusted 1 MOA down for elevation and said he should be fine. He asked me to shoot 3 more rounds to see if it was zero'd. I said "sir, you've been more than generous allowing me to fire $$$ through you fine rifle, but I must respectfully decline as I think it's time now for me to go have my shoulder x-rayed" lol

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Most powerful rifle you have fired
expatriate wrote:
I stay out of this competition so I don't wind up like this guy...


That was some funny stuff there. Not sure the purpose of that round. 300 mag is as big as I have fired from bench, I remember thinking my 30-06 was wimpy. They were some hot rounds the guy made and wanted to get rid of. I told him to do it himself.

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Most powerful rifle you have fired

The most powerful rifle I've fired is a 505 Gibbs. That was actually two weeks ago. A buddy brought it out to his ranch on a dove hunt, and we killed some trees with it. The rifle with the most recoil that I have shot would be my 458 Lott. It kicks more in my mind than the 505 Gibbs did b/c it only weighs 9 lbs (GIBBS PROBABLY WEIGHED 11.5 LBS). My 470 nitro express SXS Chapuis hurts the most to shoot b/c the double rifles really torque more on the recoil, whereas the single barreled rifles hit you straight back and up (the left and right barrels aren't centered on your shoulder and they twist one another when fired).

After you get to a certain level of recoil, it's realy pretty moot to compare felt recoil b/c it knocks yu so hard you won't have the sense to notice small discrepancies in recoil. A lot of people suggest that practicing with big rifles too often can be damaging b/c one might develope a flinch. I've found this to be entirely untrue. I used to think a 300 weatherby kicked hard, but lots of time on the range with big bores has increased my tolerance level for recoil substantially. Thumbs up

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Most powerful rifle you have fired

I'm a visitor here, nice site. Hairiest gun I've fired is first pic.
600 grain 12ga at 3400 fps. Second hairiest gun is last pic,
825 grain .700 at 2700. ...Ed

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Most powerful rifle you have fired

Nothing bigger than an M16. Had less kick than the M-4 and my .06 but the hardest shooting is the WBY Mag. bout 6 shots and my shoulder is done. The damn thing is heavy. Wait... the M-14 was pretty bad but I don't remember it being as bad as the Mag (that just may be age speaking though).

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Most powerful rifle you have fired

I know this thread is about rifles, but I have 2 stories about shotguns. The first: I sa a man put a 10 gauge BPS in the corner of a duck blind one morning and he let everyone know that it could be bought real cheap. The second: I was in a pawn shop about 15 years ago, right at the time the 3 1/2 magnum came out. The shop had what looked like a brand new Browning pump for sale on the used gun rack. I asked the owner about the gun and he said it had been shot 4 times. The first 3 shots were for checking the pattern, then the guy took it turkey hunting where he shot one time catching his shoulder between the gun and an oak tree. His next stop was the emergency room for his broken shoulder and the second stop was the pawn shop where he put the gun up for sale.

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Most powerful rifle you have fired

300 RUM

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I had 2 that would make you go see a doctor for your shoulde

I own a 375 H&H an a Browning A Bolt SS and it is not that bad. I had a Ruger #1 in a 300 whby mag I am 250# and 6'1" it thru me off the bench on the first shot. I sold it to my brother he shot it 1 time. Then he sold it to another person and he shot it 1 time after putting on a good recoil pad. Then he sold it to a collector of Ruger #1 which I am proud to say is sitting in a box in his closet.

I also bought a Remington 12 gauge 870 SPST 3.5” and man it would make you take back something that you never stole. I shot it 5 times and I am proud to say it brought blood all 5 shots. The thing was it was out of me. I traded it off on a gun that I have today a 10 gauge that does not even compare to the punishment of that 12 gauge.

Troy Miller

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Most powerful rifle you have fired

M107 barret .50 cal Big smile was a blast (literaly)

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Most powerful rifle you have fired

My .338 Win. Mag. until I got a .450 Marlin. It ate the scope I had on it so now I use open sights. Great rifle and very accurate. Recoil is simply mind over matter, I don't mind so it doesn't matter. Thumbs up