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Most Accurate Rifle

What is your most accurate big game rifle ?

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Most Accurate Rifle

My .243 remington. It has a heavy barrel and laminated stock.

Not exactly a big game gun, but I could use it for deer and have used it on antelope and coyotes.

It has a Nikon monarch 4x12, BDC reticle scope.

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Most Accurate Rifle

I don't have it anymore, but my Remington model 700 .30-06 was extremely accurate. My most accurate rifle now is my 30-30, and it is very accurate. I love that round.

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Most Accurate Rifle

Savage Model 110.

I love how I can rebarrel it to most any cartridge I want to.

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Most Accurate Rifle

I'm not sure I could answer that. You thru in "hunting rifle". My 6.5x06 isn't much of a hunting rifle anymore. To heavy and to much scope but it sure does shoot. Model 700 Rem w/4 1/2 -14 Nikon

I think my all time most accurate was a Sako L61R Finn bear in 7mm Ren Mag with a 4x Redfield. Right now my son has my 25-06 and I have no idea how it shoots anymore; mod 700 ADL w/3-9x World class. Here at the house I have my mod 70 Featherweight in 6.5x55 w/1-4x Redfield and a Springfirld by Paul Jaeger w/2 3/4x Redfield in 30-06. They take turns out shooting each other! If I do my part both hover around an inch at 100 yds.

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Most Accurate Rifle

Most accurate is probably my 300 weatherby. In a close second place are my mod 70 375H&H, Remington 700 35 Whelen, and remington 700 338 win mag. As often as I dog the weatherby's mine is straight out of the box with no modifications and it shoots groups tighter than anything I've messed with, and that's while shooting factory loads. I don't ever use it for actual hunting, but it's great for long-distance plinking and killing coyotes. Thumbs up

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Most Accurate Rifle

My most accurate hunting rifle is a Browning BAR Stalker in 7mm Rem Mag with a Boss, topped with a Leupold 3.5-10 VXIII. Second most accurate is a Tikka T3 in 338 Federal topped with a Leupold 2.5-8 VXIII.

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Most Accurate Rifle

My most accurate rifle is a tie between a Ruger Mk77 in .220 Swift and an old single shot Remington bolt action in .22 LR. Real tack drivers, though the .220 Swift is more accurate at much longer ranges of course.

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Most Accurate Rifle

Sako AV 7mm Rem Mag.
Leupold vxIII 3.5-10x40.

I also own a Sako AV in 243, It's super accurate.

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Most Accurate Rifle

My most accurate is my 220 swift(rem 700). It is one sweet cartridge.

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Most Accurate Rifle

I don't own it any more Brick Wall,) but my most acurate riffle I have owned was a Tika 6.5x55 that would put five shots into a dime sized hole at 100 yards.

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