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Has anyone had any experience with the mossberg 100 atr rifles and can tell me what they are like

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I have one in .270 and I love it. It shoots about 1.5" groups at 100 yards, with a good rest and better shooter that could probably be brought down. It's not the best looking rifle in camp, but it's the least expensive. I redid the stock, sanded and filed all the mould marks and painted it green texture over kaki. The only issue I had was the bolt handle had been bumped up a bit and I took a shot at a deer and it only clicked, I re-cocked the fireing pin and still shot the deer, but instead it was running. I think it's the best value in a rifle out there, and you don't mind taking it out in weather. I was looking at replacement triggers and for $100 I could get one, I'm just deciding if it's worth it.

Good luck

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the stevens 200 is also in the same price range as the moss 100 and it too is a finely accurate low end rifle!! have one in 22-250 and cannot believe how accurate the little sucker is....for winter coyote hunting its all i wanted!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a .270 as well. Reliable gun with a nice action.

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