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more public hunting land

hunters have been footing the bill for bringing back every species in the world , we have been so sucessful that in order to hunt in many places you must belong to a club own a lease etc.we have been losing hunters due to restricted access increased costs and a lot of other reasons that mostly add up to some form of those two.so since every hunter is paying through license & permit fees P R taxes etc,how about those with the money to spend pay a little extra, in the form of a pass through tax like P R, say 10 % ln any hunting or fishing that you pay for, {guides outfitters, leases,land access that requires club membership.that money to go back to the state to buy public hunting lands ,with each state required to buy 10% of the land not owned buy the fed or Indian lands. after a state reaches 50% of its requirement it can use 25% of those moneys to manage public hunting lands.Of course no state should be forced to enter the program,but the funds will be collected by the feds and given out to those states that enter the program.

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more public hunting land

N o more taxes. I think the majority of that money would go to administrative cost, it usually does. You'd pay more and see no return. Outdoor recreation is a huge money maker for the states all ready.

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