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More Obama lies

With the Montana primary elections coming up, Obama is trying for hunter's votes.

I just heard a Obama radio ad where he has a guy who claims to be a deer hunter that says he supports Obama because Obama is FOR hunting and FOR access and FOR wildlife. The ad ends with Obama saying how he is FOR hunting and wildlife.

The truth is that Obama is AGAINST firearms and firearm ownership. As a Illinois state legislator and as a US senator, Obama has sponsored and has voted to outlaw semi-automatic weapons and handguns, and to prohibit the sale of guns within 5 miles of a school. He has one of the WORST pro-gun voting records in the US Senate.


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More Obama lies

Yeah, I think it's pretty well universaly known among hunters and especially gun owners that this man is very much against guns, hunting, shooting, the military, the right to self defense, freedom from fear, and everything else America stands for. But thanks for the heads up in exposing one more of his lies to Americans Thumbs up He has a very slim chance at winning Montana I can asure you.

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More Obama lies

Yeah, and John Kerry was a duck hunter. These people don't have the same concept of "truth" that you or I do. They think truth is defined by what they can get people to believe -- and there are a lot of ignorant people out there who lack the depth to review a candidates actual record and are thus easily swayed by whatever a candidate says.

I wouldn't write Obama off in Montana, though. Butte's a strong union town, Missoula's pretty left of center, and the agricultural demographic has traditionally gone Democrat. Nevertheless, Montana also likes people who say what they mean and mean what they say -- Obama's challenged in those areas.

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