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More Hunting, Less Shopping PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Every year thousands of hunters go out to try to bag the biggest, baddest deer. I’m not saying this is bad, but for a good deer management program you need to weed out the 4.5 year old deer with only 6 points that keep passing on these bad genetics.
Another thing that really disgusts me is all these game farms that you pay to get trophy deer. That is not how hunting is supposed to be. You’re not supposed to pay to get a deer. You’re supposed to learn tracking and hunting skills. You’re not supposed to be hunting in a fenced in area where deer have no real escape route. You’re supposed to be hunting in the woods where there are no fences and minimal signs of man except you. Hunting was originally a way of survival, but it’s turning to be all about the big racks and the bragging rights (that you paid to get).
I know some of you get your big bucks fairly and some of you guys go farther to get the old bucks with the bad genetics that keep passing down those bad genetics. That is what hunting is supposed to be like. Everyone should have a chance at a big buck and not just the people who have the bigger wallets.
I’m not saying getting a big trophy buck is bad, I would love to consistently. What I’m saying, is that, paying to get a trophy isn’t real hunting its shopping.

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More Hunting, Less Shopping PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Well this one definitely was not posted for me and Im sure alot of people on here would be offended at this post. I think most of those people you are talking about arent on this forum and Im sure the guys on here that pay for hunts arent hunting in fenced areas we've had several discussions about hunting like this, and I dont think thier is too many guys that have done it. Most of the guys that book hunts in other parts of the world and come on BGH Im sure haved worked very hard to do it and also waited a long time to do it. If you have never thought of going to hunt a different part of the globe Im wondering if you are a true hunter. I will make a post asking how many people hunted fenced in animals to see what people say. Ive also read a post from the mod if I do remember correctly about most people having the misconception that fenced in animals are in a very small area, when most of the time the animals are fenced in 1000s and 1000s of acres you sound like your saying they are in a fenced area the size of my dog pen.

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