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More changes to Gunnison basin units?

DOW press release states there was a meeting at the Gunnison office yesterday to discuss the status of the Gunnison basin units for deer and elk (54,55,551, 60somethings).

Last year they made some changes, creating more limited license seasons etc...

The press release on their website made it sound like additional changes are underway.  Anybody know what happened?  Or what license changes were recommended?

I've hunted the area for years, it's my annual 2nd choice go-to archery elk tag.  If they end up requiring more points, I'll have to scramble and find an OTC unit this summer.

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take a deep breath

This a routine meeting. They have these every year in every area. Last year was the major change year, and they have to stick with that basic format for 5 years.
The only change to the licensing this year is that they are consolidating the private land only tags from 7 different versions to one tag that is good for the entire fall, and part of winter.
I don't know how they are going to alter license numbers, and we won't know that until May.
That is the only way there more preference points will be "required". The Division of Wildlife DOES NOT set an arbitrary preference point requirement for any hunt. It is all based on supply and demand. IF they reduce tag numbers, which I doubt they will do this year, that may cause an increase in the preference point requirements or decrease in the drawing odds.

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