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More Brookie action

My last trip back to NS I managed to get out for some trout action at the cottage again. It was a pretty good weekend...tried some new water, caught some fish. Unfortunately I dropped my camera one too many times and was camera-less for day 2. (Trust me, that camera definitely survived more abuse than a camera should have to endure)

So for what it`s worth...here`s the pics that I managed from Day 1:

With my pimped up ride:

And my trusty net man:

We were off!

My favourite early season creek runs out of this lake, I`d fished it from shore a few times but had never got the canoe back there before.

It was a good morning, a little slow at first, but we managed to boat 4, 2 of which made a tasty breakfast.

Good times.

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More Brookie action

Sweet, spec's for breakfast. Thumbs up

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More Brookie action

I think brookies are the prettiest fish that exist.

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