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moral question what would you do

this past weekend my father inlaw was up hunting my 20 acres with me. he had set up his tree stand about 40 yards from mine so he could cover a corner i couldn't see. he had my son with him and i had me daughter with me.sunday night with less then a half hour of legal light left my daughter started playing with my bleat can i figured what the hell we haven't seen a single deer all weekend what could it hurt.10 mins left of legal light my father inlaw shoots then screams that it's coming our way. next thing i know a nice 7 point walks up and turns broadside to me at about 60 yards. i didn't think twice shot it in the neck and dropped it right there in it's tracks. turns out my fater took a crappy shot and hit it in the gut had he hit it an inch lower he would have missed it completly.he know we need the meat so left the deer with us and said he only wanted a backstrap and a tenerloin witch is fine with us but what should we do with the antlers.i don't think his shot would have even killed the deer or if it did don't know if we would have found it since it wasn't even bleeding.as we were dragging it to the truck he called other family members bragging about the buck he just shot which kinda rubbed me the wrong way.this is the first nice buck we have gotten off our property and i would love to hang them on my wall but this is also the biggest deer he has ever shot.had this happened on state land with a stranger i would be fighting tooth ang and claw for this deer but with it being family i don't know what to do. right now i am thinking since he shot it first i should do a skull mount and give it to him for christmas but what kills me there is it will just sit on a shelf in his garage like his other racks since the mother inlaw won't let him hang them in the house.if i give him the rack i could still use the cape for another mount that my former taxidermist ruined. but what would you do in this case??? here is a pic of the deer that shows both of our shots

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Give it to him. A gut shot

Give it to him. A gut shot deer is a dead deer. Who knows he may just give the antlers back to you.

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Just My Opinion

If all he wants is the bacstrap, tenderloin and the antlers i would give them to him.
I understand you about the shots but is a set of antlers worth the possibility of family turmoil

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antlers are yours

Don't start a family war, but where I come from if a deer is wounded and you drop the deer it's yours. A gut shot deer will go for miles if pushed. My buddy gut shot a doe this weekend behind my house. She traveled off the 23 acres we have and crossed a winter wheat field thats 10 acres next to my house. We gave her 6 hours and tracked her across that field into a 30 acre block of woods and jumped her. We then left her for the next morning and lost the blood trail and just looked for a body for 2 huors. We never found her. In my opinion if your father in law is any kind of hunter and "Pop" he'll give you the antlers.

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give them

Frame a nice family photo like the one you posted to hang as your trophy at your place.  Give the antlers to Pop and let him know that if he ever gets sick of them you'd like them back to give to the kid who called that deer in.

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groovy mike wrote:

Frame a nice family photo like the one you posted to hang as your trophy at your place.  Give the antlers to Pop and let him know that if he ever gets sick of them you'd like them back to give to the kid who called that deer in.


I do not believe you'll get any advice better than what Mike has given you right here!

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YUP - I go along with the

YUP - I go along with the rest. IMO, the deer might have well gotten away had you not shot it - even though it would have most likely died. But a set of antlers isn't worth a family feud.
I really like Mike's idea about the framed picture and letting him know that you'd like the antlers if he ever wants to get rid of them. But giving them to him mounted as a Christmas present is a great idea and shows the quality of your own sportsmanship.
FWIW, I think 40 yards is too close for rifle stands - even if you can't see everything from your location.

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i can't agree more about him

i can't agree more about him being to close to me. i put my stand up 2 months ago and cut some nice shoot lanes and watched the deer while bow hunting so i kinda knew there pattern. now that his stand is there they won't even get near my area. i have no doubt this deer would have gotten away he was less then 20 yards from the property line when i dropped him. i do plan on doing a skull mount for him since this is his biggest deer and i have still have bigger one just laying around. i guess i just wanted to vent cause it's driving me crazy everytime someone refers to it as his deer including him and to date i haven't even gotten a thank you for buying property and letting him hunt there.

thanks guys for listening

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It's not worth the hassle and

It's not worth the hassle and I would do whatever makes everyone happy. However, in looking at the photo I do not see a gut shot. It appears there is a wound low behind the front leg and that would be near the heart area. If that is where he hit it, it's probably why he feels he got it and it isn't unusual for a deer hit there to go for a quick run like it did before it expires. It could be that your shot just finished the job a little quicker. Forget it and move on, as life is too short for things like this to come between you.

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the low and behind the shot

the low and behind the shot was his and i actually just finished skinning it out he did not even hit the ribcage. might just be the angle of the pic but it looks like his shot barely grazed it and somehow nicked the deer. the wife and i were kinda confused as we were looking for the bullet hole but i guess it really doesn't matter at this point. on the plus side his stand being so close is going to help me out tomorrow the way the law is for kids here my 13 year old can hunt by herself as long i can see and hear her unaided which i can so she is going to skip school and hunt his stand. last day of the season so i guess i'll let her

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Father-in-laws... you got to

Father-in-laws... you got to love them... well you at least have to put up with them. I would not be happy about the situation but think you are a sportsman with giving him the antlers. And his stand is too close to yours. You and your childs safety is primary concern. If there is a next year you are justified in helping your father-in-law move it to the other side of the property. Then you also should not have this same double shot issue.

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