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Moose Vrs F450

A friend sent me these pictures of what happens when a cow moose steps out in front of you at night when you are doing 60 mph.  It was a good thing that he wasn't in a pickup truck.  The moose didn't survive and he didn't find her untin the next morning.  It happened near Walden, Co. 



Moose vrs truck I
Moose vrs truck I50.17 KB
Moose vrs truck II
Moose vrs truck II46.51 KB
Moose vrs truck III
Moose vrs truck III45.24 KB
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Wow!! I bet that would wake

Wow!! I bet that would wake you up in a hurry if your a little drowsy. That is the first moose collision picture I have seen in Colorado. The damage is extensive and I'm surprised the moose was able to go anywhere after the accident. Although I have never hit an elk myself I have witnessed the reaults of hitting one first hand and I can tell you the damage adds up quikcly. The ones I have witnessed were still not quite as bad as that one though.

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Not a pretty sight at all.

Not a pretty sight at all. Hopefully your buddy wasn't any more than just emotionally shaken up.

I have seen the resulte of many moose and vehicle collisions in the northeast.  It's never a good thing, and many, many people have died as a result.  They have signs posted all over totalling the number of collisions and deaths.

Gotta be really careful driving in moose territory, especially at night. 

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