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Moose rifle

So it is time for a new moose rifle. I am undecided between the Sako A7 and Kimber Montana, both being in 300 WM. I really like the feel of both rifles, But im not sure about the accuracy of the Kimber compared to a sako. I have also heard of people having the stocks on the montana break, Does anyone have some info on the two rifles in comparison?

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Re: Moose rifle

I don't think you can go wrong with either. The kimber is supposed to be an excellent rifle and the sako is as well.

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Re: Moose rifle

I have the Sako 85 and am very, very pleased with it if that helps any.

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Re: Moose rifle

i bought my wife a Kimber 84 Montana in .260 Rem. its a wonderful little rifle, I have another friend with a Kimber 8400 in .300 Win mag. Both of these guns shoot extremely well with my handloads, Im a kimber fan for sure, but I wont discount any other brand, there are cheaper rifles out there that are as ,or more, accurate, you cant go wrong with either of the ones you're looking at.

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Re: Moose rifle

My vote goes for Sako, I own a Sako AV in 7Mag and it's a beautiful rifle that shoots extremely accurate. Sako has been making high quality firearms for a long time now and for the money I don't think you can find a better production rifle.

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Re: Moose rifle

cant go wrong with sako Thumbs up

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Re: Moose rifle

I would go for the A7. Lower cost and factory accuracy guarantee. However if you are considering the A7, then you should also look at the Tikka T3.

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Re: Moose rifle

+1 what bitmaster said.

I had the pleasure of shooting a Tikka recently. Very smooth action and very accurate. If I buy another rifle, it will probably be a Tikka.

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Re: Moose rifle

I have a little side-by-side Merkel double rifle chambered for 9.3X74R, and it is the best woods gun you could ask for, for anything North America has to offer. It is not bad in open country either, it shoots flat enough to whack muledeer black bear, elk and moose at 200 yds easy, as well. Thumbs up

For a bolt rifle I use my Whitworth African express 375 H&H in a synthetic stock for hunting everything in Alaskas rainy September. the area where we normally hunt is just full of big Coastal Brown bear that have spent the whole summer in the Katmai ntnl park feeding on the salmon and around people. There the people give way to the bear, and they learn that they are top dog because of that. When they find a hunting camp they simply walk in and take what they want, and dare you to object. Shock! These guys look like a volkswaggen with hair, and the 375 feels like a Daisey BB gun when they walk at you! The 9.3X74R double would do here as well, but it is too wet in the Mulchatna Valley.

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Re: Moose rifle

Go with the Sako Yes , kimber is highly overrated and has had a lot of problems with accuracy out of the box, i have heard many kimber owners have had to have their barrel re-crowned or stock re-bedded which should not be the case for the price they charge for the rifles.. Think I have shot Sako for years and they are awesome, i currently shoot a Sako TRG-S

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My moose rifle is a 300

My moose rifle is a 300 weatherby mark v but I would go with the sako. Sako are very nice and have a long history of being very nice shooting rifles. Let us know which one you end up with

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