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Moose hunting question

i'm planing on going moose hunting this upcoming season and am not sure what zone to go in as i am not very familiar with the northern part of the province. i think i am going to go to wmz56. anyone been in that zone before? what are numbers like? a better zone to go perhaps?

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go north!

I wish I could help you - my information on moose populations back home is VERY dated...but they are moving south into the forets fringe and even the northern edges of the farmland zones as the human population there recedes. Cows are becoming an almost common sight - but bulls are much harder to find. Seems they just roam through to service the resident ladies and then either disappear into the thick and nasty or retreat back into the deep bush further north.

I would say you're best bet (for a bull, certainly) is still the forest zones (generally the 60's and 70's).


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