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Moose Hunting on the Brain...

In a shocking development... after 12 years of applying I was finally drawn for one of the 5 "once-in-a-lifetime" licenses given for zone 79 of Minnesota's 2007 moose hunt [with my brother since you must have 2-4 hunters per party for moose tags in Minnesota] - of course this is my brothers first year of applying. Even more shocking - two others from our hunting shack in NE Minnesota drew one of the other four tags for the same zone after 20 years of applying. It is most certainly going to be a good fall... but first, a very long summer! We are heading up to set up trail cams on the clear cuts in a few weeks so hopefully that will make time go a bit quicker waiting for Sept. 29th.

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Moose Hunting on the Brain...

Best of luck to you!

Make sure you post the pics here at BigGameHunt.net if you're successful.

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Moose Hunting on the Brain...

Good Lu7ck -I lived in Gentilly,near Crookston in the late 60's early 70's when moosin was starten--never drew--now i hear moose are disapperaing? I love hnting them- off to Ontario again this fall after living in AK for 25 yrs i really miss river moose camp.

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Moose Hunting on the Brain...

Wow, that is great!!
I would be way stoked also.