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Moose Hunting in Alberta

Feature Article:

Moose Hunting in Alberta

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Moose Hunting in Alberta

"Swamp Donkey", eh? Can't say I've ever hear 'em refered to as that.

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Moose Hunting in Alberta

Not sure I would call a moose "handsome".

The author got quite lucky with that 243 shot. A good read though, sounds like a good location to hunt moose.

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Moose Hunting in Alberta

Bullwinkle? Next he will write about how he took a 100 yard shot with a bow and dropped "bambi" in her tracks. Then, upon arriving to the scene of the kill he realized it was a complete pass through of the eyes.
Was this article a joke?

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Moose Hunting in Alberta

The moose are not the only "bull" in this article. It's a scientific fact that they have poor eye sight. It's odor (notice that giGANtic nose) and sound (huge ears in front of built-in satelite dishes) that give you away. Cheez-um. . how close does he expect to get while the moose stands there squinting, trying to recognize him?

And the .243 at 600 yards. . . even if it did happen, no responsible hunter/author should go telling everyone about it. I think it only encourages some other numbnut to try the same thing.

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