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moose hunting

Does anyone know the number of states that offer moose hunting???

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a few

In the east there is Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  No hunting in NY, Pennsylvania,  Connecticut, or farther south.

Alaska stands alone above all the rest.  Then there is Washington, Wyoming, and Montana in teh west.  I know they have seasons.

Are there others?  How about Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota, california, or Wisconson?

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Mike, that's a big NO on

Mike, that's a big NO on California....... Wink

Other states offering Moose hunting are Idaho, Utah, and there are tribal hunts for a fledgling popultation sprouting up in Oregon.

Not sure on any others, with the ones Mike mentioned, out west.  In the east, as was said, Maine, NH, and Vermont, and there is a bill in Massachussets trying to establish a hunting season there.

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Yes Colorado does off moose

Yes Colorado does off moose hunting.  But it is extemely tought to draw for a tag especially for a non resident....then again its very hard for a resident to draw one also.  We have a pretty good population of moose going right now.  I have been putting in for a few years now and I would venture to throw a guess out there I have alot more years to wait for a tag, unless I wanted to shoot a cow, they are a little easier to draw, but not by much.  I would love to go to Alaska to chase moose around...someday I hope to, I also would not mind going to Wyoming to hunt them they have some pretty good ones there also, niothing like AK, but alot closer to home and a little cheaper...LOL!

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Utah, Colorado, Wyoming,

Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska. 

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