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Moose hunt in Alaska anyone interested?

I had a hunt planed in Alaska with a reputable Air Taxi Service who is providing a floatplane drop unguided camp from September 15 - 25 2008, for Moose. But my partner from Fairbanks fell through so I am looking for someone to join me. I don't want to lose this hunt if possible. The cost is $4500.00 per person, maximun 2 people. This will include transportation from Grayling Lake to hunt area. Hunting area is 24B. There will be other expenses such as airfare to Fairbanks,( I may be able to help with reduced rate), rental car and food. I need a partner as it is not considered safe to hunt alone in Alaska, you would need to be in good shape or at least have a good amount of strength as packing out a moose is not easy. Bow or Gun Hunting is fine. I am a bow hunter but will be bringing both. We can rent all equipment from the Guide's wife and last time I spoke to him they said they would include it in the price. For a 10 day hunt that is an outstanding deal. They have a staging area near Grayling and will have a freezer there to come and get our first moose and put it on ice so that we can keep hunting for the second one. I need to firm up this trip and send deposit soon, but I have to have a partner first. If interested you can email me or give me a call Email I will be flying in from Oregon. You do not need to be an Alaska resident to go on this hunt. Anyone Interested please email me.
Thanks Ed

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