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Moose freaking me out

I was hunting near Hawkins Reservoir last night trying to help a fellow mailman get a doe and I was hoping to see that elusive 4x. While sitting on the hillside, I was watching seven does (none near my buddy). All of a sudden I heard a animal coming up from behind. It sounded pretty loud for a deer and sure enough, 20 yards behind me appeared a bull moose. Ive heard storys about bulls when in rut so I was a little nervous. He was making all kinds of racket and wouldnt go away. He was also upwind. By now Im starting to freak out. Oh yea, this is my first encounter with a moose. He's thrashing the brush, stomping, and making this grunting sound (kinda sounded like huh,huh,huh,huh). Still only 20 yards away. After what seemed like forever, he starts to circle around. I'm thinking thank God, when he gets down wind he'll catch my scent and spook. NOT!!! I stand up and make noise and he just looks at me like I'm some kind of idiot. So I figure enough of this and circle around and head back since its getting dark anyway. I swear to God this sob starts to follow me down hill and I'm thinking what the hell is going on here. He stays about a 100 yards behind and follows me for about 400 yards until I lost track him in the tall sage. Man, was that exciting. Oh yea, I forgot about my buddy. When he showed up at the truck 30 minutes later, he said he saw the whole thing from where he was sitting and was laughing so hard that his gut was hurting.

ps...got bull tag?

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Moose freaking me out

Yea,,, aren't moose great. I think he liked what he saw and that may be why he was following you Laugh Really, they can be a tad intimidating. Of all the animals I run into hunting, the moose gets the most respect. They aren't afraid of anything, including us humans and that makes them a definate hazzard in my book. I will usually try to persuade them out of my path for a minute or two but then I will find an alternate route, I've pushed them too hard a couple of times and didn't like what I saw after they decided they had had enough.

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Moose freaking me out

Glad you had fun,
just food for thought, been through some up close and personals with old Bullwinklle, some we were hunting and some we just happened on, but that doesn't create the near the pucker factor of being in the wrong spot with a cow moose and her calf, a bear can kill you, but a momma moose
is going to stomp a mudhole in you and stay ther stomping until it's dry. Remeber that in the last couple weeks of spring bear season

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Moose freaking me out

Only two things on that fellas mind.One was a fight !
The moose has terrible eyesight. My guess, by the way you described it, his cow was very closed by.

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