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moose each year?

I tried to post this on the "MOOSE" forum but somehow duplicated it.  Then tried to delete one of them and they both disappeared. 

My question was:  If your an Alaskan resident, do you have the opportunity to hunt moose every year?

I have a job opportunity in Fairbanks.  If I were to take the position and move there could I expect to fill my freezer with moose meat each year?


( I don't know why my posts keep duplicating)

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re: Moose each year

Have you heard the saying that 90% of the game is harvested by 10% of the hunters.  Im not sure what the exact percentages are but its probably pretty accurate so filling your freezer depends on your hunting ability, weather, where you are hunting, how much time you have to hunt, and a little luck doesnt hurt either. It will take you a year to become a resident so you will have to pay for a nonresident licese and a moose tag.  Check ADF&G site for cost.  

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Moose hunting

It depends on where you live and where you hunt. I quilifie under the Federal Subsistance rules and can take a moose either sex without a calf at side in unit 23-Kotzebue. I have clients who live in Fairbanks and they can quilifie for a subsstance permit (Fed) in unit 23 for any bull every year but only if they come to unit 23 and pick up the permit. This is a bit tricky but I can walk you through the process. In unit 13 residents qualfie under both fed and state regs to take a moose per household every year bull only with some minor rules. 


There are plenty of units that are application only or 50 inch+ only as well. Shoot me a message and give me some details and I will see if I can help.



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