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Moose Calling

I call all my moose in,and for others as well.I made my own from tar paper.I also try to call while standing in water.After a series of calls,I'll pour water from an apple juice can to simulate a female wizzing in the lake.That really brings in the big boys.

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moose call

I used a lohman call last season and a 2' piece of abs 3" pipe. I blew the call into the abs pipe to give it more resonance. And used it to grunt into. I called the first bull in from over 1500 yds. shot it and called another with it 10 minutes later. Another one came in that my partner saw but I didn't. We dropped 3 moose in less than half an hour. All I can say is it works. I thought about selling them but I think abs people would be knocking on my door. I drilled a hole in each end to tie a string for carrying it. It cost about $ 10.00 bucks to make 5 of these.

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Bull Magnet

Hands down the best call out there for moose is the "Bull Magnet" It's like a fiberglass megaphone looking thing and you call into it with your voice. I've used this on many hunts and have been successfull in calling in at least one bull with it on every hun t I've been on. (actually taking the bull was a different story). It comes with a cassett tape that you listen to to get the sounds down that you use to call with and these things really work. You cup your hands around the small end and use your index fingers to plug your nostrils and you grunt short grunts for bull calls and long whiney calls for cows in heat. the otehr advantage you have is it takes the place of the moose antler as well as you use the Bull magnet to scrape on trees and beat the brush with and it imitates the somewhat hollow sound of thier antlers. Also can be used as a water scoop if you are neer a lake or river you scoop up water and slowly pour it out to imitate a cow moose urinating in the water as this apparently is where they do this most often. the call is made right down the road from where I live in Alaska and it is the most popular call up here becasue it works.

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cow moose calling question?

Maine's been divying up its moose permits for awhile now between bulls and cows.

any suggestions on cow calling?

going to be up in District 3, northeast Aroostook the last week of September so i'd like to get practiced up a bit.

- thanks, jay

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Moose Calling

Go to the link below to listen to the actual different moose calls(sounds).


You will need "Real Player" to listen. The is a download link on the page if you don't already have it.

I don't know by your Post if you want to "call a cow" or call a Bull by imitating a Cow but you cannot call a Cow. Sometimes you can do things that attract them. For example, a cow that lost her calf will respond to a sound of a calf in distress.

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