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Moose call video

Michael Schnider of United Guide Service is probelly one of the top Moose Callers in the world. The same that there is the worlds elk calling champion..he is the Moose calling Champion. He would shoot me if he heard me say that. He is not proud just good. His guide area is traditional only. He is booked to 2010..so you can't book a hunt with him.But he does have a video and he will be the guest speaker at the big archery convention this summer speaking on Moose.

he has a video that was made of him calling Moose into 10 yards..We all call Moose in BC. That is part of our business, But when I call a Moose in,we shoot it at a 100 yards. Michael explained that is when he just gets started. The last 80 yards are the most intense. He has to put these archery hunters into 10 yards with traditional..Michaels method is very aggresive..much more than most huys would be.....

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Moose Calling

Very good....did get a few pointers....Thank you!.Merci beaucoup.

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Thats great..Michael has a video..

Thats great...

Michael has video...www.going-hunting.com


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