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Moose almost

Well we just came back from our moose hunt up near Espaniola and we got scunked again.but I saw moose
We only had calf tages an on Saterday I was sitting my run on the edge of a beaver medow 7:30 in the morning and I do like I always do I check my scope.
So I pull up my scope and every thing is out of focuse so I figure that I have dew on the lens , no such luck after I clean it off still as bad I figure that an internal lense has Jared loose while being bumped around on the half hour ATV ride to get close to the 45 minute walk to my stand.
I said to myself that I bet I'm going to see moose today, and shure enough ten minits later out walk a cow and calf 200 yards away, I'm facing into the sun trying to get on to the calf with my open sights. I can only see about 6 inches of his back above the grass. so rather than taking the shot and mabe wounding it I put down my gun and watched them pass into the tree line on the othe side of the swamp 400 yards away.
I gess thats why they call it "Hunting and not Grocery Shopping".
Just thought I would share.
Regards Fisher King

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Moose almost

Good story!
Maybe the Nitrogen in your scope is gone and it was warm in the cabin and coold outside and you had FOG inside the scope.
I saw a few scopes that had the same problem. Just leave the gun outside in the cold and it should go away. I had it happen to me with a cheap scope when I went out rabbit hunting at 30 below! The 50 degree temperature difference from the 20 degree inside to the outside was a little too much for the seals on the scope!!
(We are talking Celsius here) 72 Fahrenheit to (minus)-16 Fahrenheit to the brothers down south!

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