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Montana Help ?

I have Hunted MT for the last 4 years for Elk, and with gas prices going up more and more every year, i am thinking about hunting a unit more in the central part of the State to save a few bucks on gas.
I have been doing as much research as i can online, does anyone have any general info on units 312, 315, 393 or 580 that they would be willing to share ?.

If you prefer to PM answers that is OK with me.

Thanks for any help you are willing to share.

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Montana Help ?

Those units are north of where I live, and I have done some hunting in them. All of my hunting was DIY on public land, so that's basically all that I know about other than there are some large ranches in these units that have guided hunts that are generally very successful.

The lower country, next to the major roads, in these units is mostly private land with limited or no public access. The public access points get hit hard from the local hunters from Bozeman and Livingston.

Unit 312: Most of the west half of this unit is private land with very limited public access. The few Forest Service access points in the Bridger mountains get a lot of pressure from Bozeman hunters. Years ago I killed a couple of elk accessing through Bridger Bowl Ski area, but I had horses to pack them out.

Unit 393: Again, valley bottoms are private with limited or no public access. Public acces points into the Bangtails are also limited and hit hard by Bozeman and Livingston hunters. There are elk and a couple of Forest Service roads in the north Bridgers, but access and elk retrieval could be a problem. Many years ago a friend and I hiked several miles north of Flathead Pass and passed on a 6x6 bull because I wasn't sure how we could get him out, even with my horses.

Unit 315: Again, valley bottoms are private with limited or no public access. There are a few Forest Service trailhead/access points on the west side of the Crazy mountains, and again they get a lot of public pressure. The Shields river country on the north end isn't quite as steep.

Unit 580: I don't know much about the north portion that is in the Lewis & Clark national Forest other than it is not as steep as the southern half. And again, valley bottoms are private with limited or no public access. The only public access to the east side of the Crazies is Big Timber creek, a very steep sided canyon. Elk permits in this portion of the unit are very limited and only available through a drawing.

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