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Montana bound cow Elk 620/622 A9/B12

This is my first post here at Big game hunt. My dad and I are heading back to Montana this november so I can try in get my first cow elk and we also plan to do some bird hunting as well. I have already got the BMA maps for both region 6 & 7 and am also in the process of getting the BLM maps for the Missouri Breaks area as well. I am trying to get some more information about the hunt areas Im going to be in. I have already been calling Montana FWP'S for information as well. Has anyone hunted in the Larb Hills or Charlles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge for elk? Ive been told most of the elk can be found along the rivers during the day and head out to the fields a couple of hours before sunset. We will be staying for about a week, does anyone know of any cheap places to rent or stay in Phillips County? I am also bringing my wirehair for the bird hunting as well, I hear it is an excellent bird hunting area. I see that some of the BMA areas say that game retrieval is allowed. Do they mean you can drive in after you shoot your animal to pick it up? Has anyone hunted any BMA'S in the 620/622 district area? I would like to hear about your hunts. Im excited about my first trip east for elk and look forward to reading your responses. Thanks,CAGWP Big smile

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